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About us

Food has been the center story in the lives of Paul Ratto  for as long as he can remember.  Paul Ratto grew up in Stockton and knew he was interested in cooking at an early age.  He would wake up longing to go to Nonna's house and learn from her in the kitchen. Nonna was an was an Italian cooking instructor for years in our area and fueled Paul's passion for cooking.  It was her constant encouragement that pushed Paul out the door to Italy and France in 2007 to study regional cuisine and classic techniques. Upon his return to the United States, and armed with new recipes, Paul took on Sacramento and became the Chef partner in AURA. After a few years in the kitchen Paul was ready to head out on his own and has been catering private parties and large functions ever since. As one of the Stockton area's premier caterers, Paul is now ready to unveil his latest venture - Heritage Dining & Provisions.

Join us for good fun, great food in the journey of our Heritage. 

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