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 Eat Local - Play Bocce

Do you know your Heritage?


Heritage Dining & Provisions is the new food experience at the Waterloo Gun & Bocce Club.  Our club has been a hallmark of this community since its founding in 1947. Before we had cell phones & social media we used to meet each other and share experiences. Dining together and playing bocce was a way for our parents, grandparents & friends to reunite and maintain our connection to the community.  


The new management of the club invites you to regain your connection to the community, play bocce and dine with us. Executive Chef, Paul Ratto has spent his life preparing food from our area and is an expert using local, in-season ingredients. Our local farming and ranching partners bring us their products at the peak of freshness allowing us to deliver you and honest meal at an exceptional value. 

Like Nonni always said...Come in and sit down, you gotta eat!

The Stockton Gun Club welcomes the CYSSA State Tournament!

Gun Club News

The Stockton Gun Club and Heritage Dining is proud to bring you the 2019 California Youth Shooting Sport Association, JV and Varsity trap shooting tournament.

This Father’s Day weekend we will host thousands of youth shooters, parents and friends from across California as they compete for top State rankings and the chance to move on to regional competitions. Last year, our attendance was more than 6,000 and this year we expect approximately 8,000 people from Friday – Sunday.


Get ready for a “red-carpet” experience this year...We will serve a wide menu including breakfast & lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

Contact us to play bocce!

"This is some of the best food that I have eaten in this area.  Paul and his team really know what to do with local ingredients.  I will be back for our next event and recommend him for yours..."

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